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Volvo truck dealer provides FH Globetrotter for Cheshire child road safety project

Thomas Hardie Commercials Ltd has placed a distinctly liveried Volvo FH Globetrotter into service for Tiger Safety Team, a newly formed not-for-profit part of Tiger Trailers. Its primary use will be to visit schools in Cheshire throughout 2022 and beyond, teaching children how to stay safe around large vehicles through practical lessons using the tractor unit coupled with a curtainsider trailer.
Volvo truck dealer provides FH Globetrotter for Cheshire child road safety project
Volvo truck dealer provides FH Globetrotter for Cheshire child road safety project

The 6x2 pusher axle tractor unit played a leading role during Tiger Safety Team's launch event held at Tiger Trailers' factory during Road Safety Week from a well-known charity, Brake. The truck's unmissable orange, white and black livery incorporates Tiger Safety Team's mascot, Tiger Ted, along with a large paw print containing the logos of the project's supporters – Brake, Cheshire Community Foundation, and Thomas Hardie Commercials Ltd.

Tiger Safety Team's launch event was attended by the Mayor of Winsford, Nathan Pardoe, Emma Elston MBE, senior representatives from banks and various road transport suppliers, Cheshire Community Foundation's fund development manager, Susie Roberts, and Lesley Bain and Steve Wilson from Thomas Hardie Commercials Ltd. The Volvo FH Globetrotter appears prominently in photographs and video footage obtained during the launch, and in articles across the road transport press.

The project's 'STOP LOOK BE SEEN' safety programme was developed with support from Volvo Trucks UK, inspired by the manufacturer's 'STOP LOOK WAVE' and 'SEE AND BE SEEN' initiatives, and the debut school to receive a visit will be St. Joseph's in Winsford, the neighbouring town to Thomas Hardie Commercials' Middlewich dealership.

Steve Wilson, New Vehicle Sales and Marketing Director for Thomas Hardie Commercials, says: "We are extremely proud and honoured to be supporting Tiger Trailers by increasing the awareness of safety within the transport sector to the local community. Safety is one of our core values and the current range of new Volvo Trucks are equipped with many features that are designed to protect the driver, pedestrians, and other road users."

The livery, produced by Sale-based Digital Revolution Graphics, includes a web address with which Cheshire schools can sign up for a no-cost visit from Tiger Safety Team.

"Child safety and supporting the community have both been close to my heart over the years and I am delighted that Tiger Trailers' new Tiger Safety Team can play a part in keeping young people safe at a milestone time in their lives, thanks to the support we have received from Volvo Trucks UK, Thomas Hardie Commercials Ltd, Brake, and other organisations", comments the project's founder, Alison Cartwright, who manages the company's wider CSR activities.

This FH is set to join the fleet of one of Thomas Hardie Commercials' customers later in 2022 and is powered by Volvo's D13K engine, producing up to 460 bhp and 2,030 Nm of torque. It also features Volvo's Drive+ pack for added driver comfort and is equipped with I-See predictive cruise control, which analyses the topography to optimise speed and gear changes, along with adaptive cruise control with collision warning.

Six children are seriously injured or killed every day on British roads, with under-12s being most vulnerable, and HGV's pose a significant danger at up to 5 metres tall and 18 metres long. Awareness of other large and inherently dangerous vehicles, from bin lorries and buses to tractors, will also be promoted. Tiger Safety Team's visits are completely free and cover recognising hazards, behaviour change techniques, National Curriculum outcomes, PHSE health, wellbeing & relationships, and the Green Cross Code.

The Tiger Safety Team will also take the opportunity to promote the logistics industry and manufacturing careers to women, having received support from HGV driver Heidi Chapman, part of the Veterans into Logistics' team, and also Emma Elston MBE, CEO of UK Container Maintenance, and a previous winner of Business Woman of the Year.

To enquire about the Volvo FH, please contact your local Thomas Hardie Commercials dealership. The company operates main dealer sites in Deeside, Lancaster, Liverpool, Middlewich, Preston, and Trafford Park


For more information and to book Tiger Safety Team to visit your Cheshire school, visit: