Thomas Hardie Commercials Ltd

Business As Usual...

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, Thomas Hardie Commercials Ltd would like to assure our customers that we are focused on making sure our operational support remains intact and service levels remain as normal.

With this in mind, we acknowledge our responsibility to our staff and customers, and as such have implemented a range of control and contingency measures to help maintain a normal service, and prevent any unnecessary spread of Covid-19 and minimise the impact on business, the public and our employees.

Measures introduced to prevent exposure of COVID-19 are in accordance with the Government’s latest guidelines;

  • Stopping all interdepartmental and business travel unless absolutely essential
  • Emphasised the importance of hand washing and keeping surfaces cleaned and sterilized at all times, and the use of gloves where possible
  • Highlight the importance of social distancing, where able, and we’ve adopted a no handshaking policy
  • We’ve stressed the importance of the ‘catch/bin/kill’ policy as distributed by the government
  • Making handwash facilities and materials readily available
  • Holding meetings via telephone or Skype
  • Arranging for ‘at risk’ staff to work from home
  • Supporting staff who are showing symptoms, allowing them to self-isolate in accordance with government guidelines
  • Where workable and feasible - working from home
  • Offering flexibility where required for working linked to childcare responsibilities due to recent school closures

We will of course continue to monitor developments and further advice from the Government, and will respond as a business in accordance with their guidelines.