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Get to know our trucks and how we can tailor them for your needs. Whether you’re in the business of long-haul logistics, construction or any other industry, this is where you’ll find your next truck. Take a closer look at the engines, the chassis and the cabs, and dig into the details.

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    Our electric trucks offer zero exhaust emissions, lower noise and less vibrations. They make transports cleaner and quieter – and improve drivers’ working environment.

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    Our gas-powered trucks reduce your emissions while offering enough engine power and operating range to cover long distances heavily loaded. And they can lower your fuel costs too. 

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At Volvo Trucks every assignment requires its specialist. That is why Volvo Trucks has a range of eight different models, each one is an expert in its specific area. From the nimble Volvo FL for distribution operations to the Volvo FH16 780 - Volvo's flagship and performance leader.

At McDonnell Commercials Ltd, our Sales Team are committed to customer service and finding the right truck to suit your business needs. So if you have found your ideal truck...then why not speak to our experienced sales team who can provide you with full cost, information and delivery expectations, as well as information on the soft offers that Volvo Trucks has to offer.

Features depicted may not be standard or available for all equipment levels and powertrain options.