Volvo Trucks

Volvo Trucks  

Every assignment requires its specialist. That is why Volvo has a range of six different models, each one an expert in its specific area. From the nimble Volvo FL for distribution operations to the Volvo FH16 – Volvo’s strongest truck.

The latest member of the family is the Volvo FMX. Unlike the others, it is not at its best on the road, but off road.The tougher the driving conditions, the more at home it is. But just like the others, it is hard to beat when it comes to fuel economy, driving comfort and safety. After all, it is a Volvo.

Take a Volvo for a test drive and you will experience excellent driveline performance and true driver comfort. Own one and you are in a strong position to succeed in your business.

A Volvo truck is built to give you maximum return on your investment. With the potential to be tailored to your specific application, Volvo Trucks are here to support you and your business.

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Volvo Trucks Range Brochure

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