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Volvo Fitted-Price

It’s a fact of life that some things just work better when they are together.

Like Genuine Volvo Parts, when fitted by a Volvo trained technician ensures that both truck and part work in harmony together, maximising your trucks uptime and efficiency.

With a Volvo Fitted-Price, what we quote you upfront is the price you pay, with no hidden extras – that’s a great deal, plus a great deal more!

  • Volvo Fitted-Parts carry a 2-year warranty on both parts and labour
  • Fitted by fully trained Volvo Technicians
  • Flexible workshop hours to suit you Environmentally conscious disposal of all fluids and waste
  • Free roadside recovery and repair if fitted-parts fail or break
  • Top class customer service 24/7

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Terms and Conditions

1. Offer applies for retail sales only, and cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion or special offer.
2. The Volvo Fitted-Price offer must be mentioned at the time of booking.  Prices quoted incorporate the costs of the stated Genuine Volvo Part, Genuine Volvo Service at standard Volvo times, and appropriate sundry charges. All prices exclude VAT.
3. Volvo Fitted-Price quotations assume that the vehicle is presented to the Dealer by the Customer, and is of standard condition and specification. In the event that non-standard work is required, this can be incorporated into a revised quotation.
4. All contractual arrangements for repairs will be agreed between the Customer and the Repairing Dealer, and are subject to the Repairing Dealer’s terms and conditions.
5. All details are believed to be correct at the time of publication. However, as Volvo operates a policy of continuous improvement, details of the Volvo Fitted-Price offer are subject to change or withdrawal at any time. Consequently, all details should be confirmed with the Repairing Dealer at the time of repair.
6. The labour element of Volvo Fitted-Price quotations from our London/South East based Dealers may be slightly higher than stated in the offer price. Please check with the Repairing Dealer.
7. Volvo Fitted-Price is available at participating Dealers only.
8.*Volvo Exchange Engines & Gearboxes are covered by 3 year Warranty (exceptions apply to some wearing parts).

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Regular and thorough vehicle servicing is vital to staying safe and legally compliant.

When you maintain your vehicle in a Volvo workshop you benefit from a host of advantages. We pride ourselves in offering a premium level of service that stretches from our investment in the latest diagnostic and servicing tools, to our highly trained and friendly technicians.

So, whether its boosting your air conditioning* with a good service, to reducing fuel consumption with axle wheel alignment*, your local Volvo dealer has just what you are looking for!

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